Training Equipment


Manufactured from high quality transparent PVC
Latex free
Pre-inflated cushion for quick effective seal
One-way – valve incorporates a filter for added infection protection
Standard fittings allows device to be used with a bag – valve resuscitator
Suitable for adult and paediatric use
Oxygen inlet allows for high – flow oxygen to be connected to mask
Nose marking for reduced risk of misplacement

MANIKEN – Preston Adult with Monitor

Prestan Adult CPR training manikin with lights in the shoulder showing compression rate and depth.
Audible clicker with realistic chest compression and ventilation

XFT AED Trainer C XFT-120

XFT -120 AED C+ trainer with Remote is designed to effectively train emergency responders in the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator or AED. This training unit provides a variety of scenarios to help responders become familiar with an AED and allow them to demonstrate the basic skills necessary to use an AED in an emergency.

Practiman Advanced Dual Mode CPR Torso

Practi-MAN Advanced is a uniquely designed dual-function Adult and Child CPR Training Torso.
The design is unique in that one manikin can be used for teaching and assessing both Adult and Child CPR.
With today’s escalating costs, CPR Training Torsos are generally considered high costs items.
The Practi-MAN Advanced offers a design that focusses both on cost-effectiveness as well as excellent quality.
With replacement parts at a fraction of the cost of competitor products, the PractiMAN Advanced can be kept in peak condition with minimal maintenance and maintenance costs